Sunday, July 5, 2009

Jory's Update

hey yall how are all of yall doing i hope its good . sorry we havent been updating yall lately weve been busy but thats no exuse we do need to stay in touch with our family and all of us and yall know that. well its been good here i suppose at least it hasnt been boring its been busy with me going to camp and then right when i get back nana went to Virgina and shes been working and papa has church calling and kks been over then we had the 4th of july here and the missionarys came and that was cool and soon were going to utah soon and that rocks but my point is weve been busy the last 2 and a half weeks but we will try to keep up with yall .


Saturday, May 2, 2009

hey yall i have a blog for me and bryce now its there are bridals that brooke took on there for now until the real ones are done......CHECK IT OUT!!!! And thanks to those of yall who are coming! It really means a lot with everything thats going on. Thanks for being here for me! love yall

Friday, March 13, 2009

Grat minds think alike!

I was sitting here typing out an update......left to pick Whitney up before I finished.....come home and you had posted! AAAAWWWW.

We are done with out SHAKESPEARE play. It was so good, but so much work. All of the kids really pulled through and took a lot of pride in it. My camera wasn't working and I don't think anyone got a picture of Collin. Poor guy! I have some pictures I need to post a link too. You can also look on facebook.

We had some beautiful weather here, but now it has started getting cloudy and cool. Rain is heading this way for a few days. Collin and Craig have been spending time together working in the yard and fixing things. Collin is loving it. Whitney will be 15 next month...............I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!! She is a great girl though, I am really proud of her.

We will be heading to to Lake City for the family reunion and Easter. Not sure if Craig will go or not, but I am looking forward to being there. Can't wait to see Fishy and everyone for Tyler's Graduation.

I started selling AVON again so check it out:
I am letting Whit make some of the money to help pay for all the church and other activities she wants to come on guys, donate to the cause! LOL

Love you!

Come On!!!

I guess none of my family cares anything about our blog...that makes me sad :(
I love you all anyway! I'm looking forward to going to Florida for Tyler's graduation. Next week is our spring break but of course I don't get time off for it. Blaire and her new beau are going to Florida to surprise her granny for her 80th birthday. I wish me and Brooke could go too. Brooke and Ethan came and spent Sunday night with us. They headed to Vegas for a couple of days. Not much else going on around here.
Love you, Fishy

Wednesday, February 11, 2009



Thanks so much for posting the pics for us all to see. I miss my babies so
much. Wish I could go out for a visit!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Brooke, I finally corrected MY Family. Sorry I left Ethan and Chevy off. Love you!

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